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  Xingyingtong is a manufacturer of automotive electronic security products founded in Shenzhen, China, integrating front-end product R&D and marketing solutions. It has been awarded "China's Top Ten Automotive Electronics Brands" by the industry media Grange.

Company Profile

  Xingyintong (Shenzhen) Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. was established in November 2011, with its headquarters in Shenzhen; Is a company specializing in driving safety products in the automobile industry; Focus on providing car safety electronic product solutions for car owners. The mission of Xingyingtong is to make driving safer for the user experience as the core concept, and the product supports OTA upgrade service scheme and product customization service!

Nature of Business

  As a leading automotive electronics brand in the industry, Xingyingtong has a high-quality professional team of high-level safety technology in the industry, and has accumulated a variety of automotive safety electronic products in the industry, including 360 panoramic navigation vehicle, original vehicle screen upgrade 360 panoramic recorder (more than 1000 special models), Benz Audi BMW dedicated panoramic navigation, ADAS DASH CAM, CARPLAY upgrade, streaming media recorder, 12.3-inch navigation, 13.1-inch navigation Tesla Xiaopeng ideal refitting accessories and other automotive electronic products; Many safety products have won national patents; Each year, it has won various awards in the industry. In 2018, it won the top ten brands of smart car machines, and in 2021, it won the title of Outstanding Enterprise of China Auto Electronics 360 Panorama Driving Assistance System.

Development history:

On November 30, 2011, Xingyintong (Shenzhen) Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. was established and officially entered the automotive aftermarket;

In 2013, Xingyingtong launched its new Android DVD navigation;

In 2014, participated in the Huicong Auto Aftermarket Exhibition and released the new Android large-screen smart car;

In January 2015, the new product released the ultra-thin Tuhao Jinda Screen intelligent car machine, which was the world's first and patented; (Currently becoming a global standard)

In 2016, Qualcomm eight-core DSP host was released, with built-in ADI DSP, IPS screen, and TuOS smart car operating system. It is an intelligent lightweight system, which has the functions of changing theme, changing wallpaper online, and changing various plug-ins, making it safer and more intuitive to display in driving;

In 2017, new products were released: the 4G version of Kuwo Music was released, the special player for the built-in Kuwo Music car version was released, the S5 HD reverse version was released, and the latest 720P-TVI reverse technology was adopted!

In 2018, the new G5 Voice of Europe DSP host, Q7 Panorama 360 all-in-one machine, fully fitted screen dust screen, and American ADI-HIFI sound effect DSP chip were released;

In March 2019, the S5 HD 4G version was released, and the backup was upgraded to 1080P format;

In August 2020, more than 500 new models of 360 panoramic recorder with upgraded original vehicle screens were released;

In June 2022, new energy products were released to Tesla: ventilated seats, streaming media, speed code table, atmosphere light, negative ion fragrance; Xiaopeng ideal dedicated streaming media; Xiaopeng ventilated seat; (Develop mass production in succession)

Corporate Honors

In 2015, it won the high-end wealth pyramid award "Top Ten Brands of the Year for Large Screen Navigation"

In 2016, it won the title of "Top Ten Smart Car and Machine Brands" of China Auto Video Network

In 2017, it was awarded the "Top Ten Brands" in the annual general evaluation list of China's automotive electronics brands by Grange

In 2018, it won the "360 Panorama Experience Award Excellent Brand" of the International Automobile Equipment Alliance

In 2020, it won the title of China Auto Electronics 360 Panorama Outstanding Brand

In 2021, it won the title of Outstanding Enterprise of China Auto Electronics 360 Panorama Driving Assist System